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1 year | EUR
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Interest rate Term Currency
3.35 % AER
6 months EUR
3.50 % AER
1 year EUR
3.20 % AER
2 years EUR

About A&G Banco

A&G Banco, established in 2014 as part of the A&G Group with roots tracing back to 1987, operates from its Madrid headquarters with 10 additional branches across Spain.

It specialises in offering competitive banking services tailored to the needs of high-net-worth individuals worldwide. Providing exclusive advisory and management services, the bank focuses on wealth management, investment management, estate planning, and asset allocation strategies, to private and institutional clients alike.

Known for its personalizsed approach, A&G builds long-term relationships with clients, delivering tailored solutions to meet their financial goals, becoming a trusted partner in the Spanish financial sector.

Offer details

Effective rate
3.50 % AER
Nominal rate
3.50 % AER
1 year
At maturity
Interest payout
At maturity
Interest taxation
At maturity
Min/Max investment amount
20,000 – 100,000  EUR
not possible
Withholding tax
Spain levies a standard withholding tax on savings interest of 19%. As a taxpayer in Ireland, you can get exemption from this tax (i.e. reduce it to 0%).

Security and deposit guarantee

Deposits at A&G Banco, including the interest accrued but not yet paid, are legally protected by the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Scheme (Fondo de Garantía de Entidades de Crédito).

This protection extends to all natural persons, not just Spanish citizens, and relates to a customer’s entire portfolio of deposits and accounts with a bank. This is of particular importance to customers who have further deposits or accounts with A&G Banco beyond those taken out through Raisin Bank.

In all EU member states, the minimum requirements for all national deposit guarantee schemes are harmonised by Directives 94/19/EC, 2009/14/EC and 2014/49/EU.

Tax process and documents

In Spain, a 19% withholding tax applies to savings interest. As an Irish taxpayer, you can avoid this tax by submitting a 'Declaración de Residencia Fiscal' (Spanish tax residency declaration), reducing the tax to 0%. This one-page form will be pre-filled in your online banking when you apply for a deposit account. You only need to provide this declaration once, not for each deposit. For further details, refer to the Product Information Sheet.