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> Start saving from €10,000 up to €100,000

> Deposit Guarantee protection Up to €100,000 payout in CZK

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Product Type


1.99% AER


1.5 Years



Product Type

Term deposit
Term deposit
Save now
Gross rate




Compound interest



1.5 Years


When the deposit reaches maturity

Interest capitalisation?

No, Interest is paid at maturity

Interest payment

At maturity

Interest type

Fixed - The rate won't change for the entire term.


You can choose to extend this deposit if you enable the option in your Raisin Account

About the Bank

J&T Banka was established in Prague in 1998 and is one of the largest private banks on the Czech market. The bank is a reliable partner especially for customers with high demands on service and product quality. In addition to complex private banking services, J&T Banka offers special financing for real estate and corporate acquisitions as well as securities transactions for private investors.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Deposits - including accumulated interest - are guaranteed up to an amount of EUR 100,000 per customer and bank by the Czech deposit guarantee fund. In the case of a payout by the deposit guarantee fund the payout will take place in Czech Koruna (CZN). You can find additional information on the deposit guarantee fund here: https://www.garancnisystem.cz/de. Within the European Union, the minimum requirements for the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of each member state have been harmonized by EU directives 1994/19/EC, 2009/14/EC and 2014/49/EU. Please note that the deposit coverage refers to the entirety of deposits a customer has with a bank. This is relevant if a customer has not just deposited money with a bank via Raisin but also holds additional deposits with the bank.

Tax process and documentation

The standard withholding tax rate on interest in the Czech Republic is 15%, but this can be reduced to 0% by providing the bank with a certificate of tax residence. As the J&T Banka has informed us, the taxation process in the Czech Republic has changed. The Czech tax authorities now only accept tax documents issued or signed not older than 90 days before the interest payment date.

Raisin Bank's role

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