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1 year | EUR

All Term Deposit offers from Privatbanka

Interest rate Term Currency
2.30 % AER
1 year EUR
2.57 % AER
2 years EUR
2.91 % AER
3 years EUR
2.87 % AER
4 years EUR
2.83 % AER
5 years EUR

About Privatbanka

Privatbanka from Bratislava, Slovakia was founded in 2005. It was the first bank in Slovakia to specialize in offering private banking services, individual investment strategies, and tailored investment solutions for affluent clients. The bank has since expanded its activities to other areas including corporate banking while also growing its retail banking segment with term deposits and corporate bonds.

Privatbanka’s professional team of bankers along with it’s experts in financial markets have helped it consolidate its position in the private banking market, bringing customer deposits under management to 530 million euros. This has enabled Privatbanka to become a dynamic and growing provider of private banking in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Privatbanka, despite its small size, belongs to one of the banks with the highest long-term profitability in Slovakia. Last year, its net profit amounted to 9.4 million euros.

Rating and financial standing

Slovakia has been a member of the European Union since 2014 and of the euro area since 2009. Slovakia is classified as a country with an advanced economy by the International Labor Organization (ILO), by the International Monetary Fund and as a high-income country by the World Bank. The Slovak Republic is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and the third fastest growing nation in the euro area (2017).

According to the OECD’s 2017 report: “The Slovak Republic continues to demonstrate great robustness in its economy, with strong growth supported by a solid financial sector, low public debt and high international competitiveness, supported by a large volume of internal investments ”

In early 2018, Standard & Poor’s credit rating was A + and Moody’s A2. Slovakia’s public debt, which represents 52% of GDP, is lower than that of the previous year, while lower than that of Germany, France, Austria and significantly below the OECD average.

S&P Country rating: A+ (As of date July 24, 2020)

Offer details

Effective rate
2.30 % AER
Nominal rate
2.30 % AER
1 year
At maturity
Interest payout
At maturity
Interest taxation
At maturity
Min/Max investment amount
5,000 – 100,000  EUR
  • Prolongation is only possible 28 to 5 days before termination
  • 100% online
  • Interest reinvested
Withholding tax

Security and deposit guarantee

Deposits at Privatbanka, including the interest accrued but not yet paid, are legally protected by the Slovak Deposit Guarantee Scheme (Fond ochrany vkladov) up to a maximum amount of €100,000 per depositor and bank. This protection extends to all natural persons, not just Slovak citizens. You can find more information about the Slovak Deposit Guarantee Scheme on its dedicated website.

This protection relates to a customer’s entire portfolio of deposits and accounts with a bank. This is of particular importance to customers who have further deposits or accounts with Privatbanka beyond those taken out through Raisin Bank.

In all EU member states, the minimum requirements for all national deposit guarantee schemes are harmonised by Directives 94/19/EC, 2009/14/EC and 2014/49/EU.

Tax process and documents

As a private investor, you are subject to taxation of your interest income in your country of tax residence. The interest income must be stated in your tax return. All required documents should be provided on time.

In the Slovak Republic 19 % withholding tax is levied on interest income from deposits. However, if customers provide Raisin with a certificate of tax residence by Irish Revenue at least 4 weeks before the maturity of the term deposit, than according the Convention between Ireland and the Slovak Republic for the avoidance of double taxation no withholding tax will be levied.

You cannot submit an exemption order for investments abroad. You are required to include foreign interest income in the tax return.
Additional tax information can be found at

Please note that the specific tax treatment depends on your personal circumstances and that there may also be future changes in the tax treatment. For individual clarification of tax issues, please consult your tax adviser.