How to make a complaint

Our Complaints management principles and procedures - Raisin Bank complaints principles PDF

Objectives of our complaints management :

We strive for a long and trusting relationship with every customer. We are proud that almost all customers are very satisfied with the service provided by Raisin Bank. However, if you do have any concerns, we are here to address them.

Your feedback is crucial for us as it helps us enhance our services and implement measures to reduce future complaints.

Our complaints management team is committed to ensuring that:

  • all complaints are investigated objectively and appropriately in accordance with our complaints handling policies and procedures and

  • Any potential conflicts of interest are identified and mitigated to prevent any possible detriment to you.

How can you submit a complaint?

We regret that you wish to submit a complaint. Rest assured, we will review it thoroughly. 

Please send us a message from your Raisin Account or from your registered e-mail address.  Please add the word "complaint" to the subject line and include the following: 

  • A detailed description of your complaint, including specific facts (e.g. error correction, suggestion for improvement or clarification of a difference of opinion).

  • Your desired outcome with regard to your complaint. 

  • Any relevant attachments e.g. screenshots

How to reach our customer service:

Address: Raisin,
PO Box 44 05 60,
12005 Berlin,

What you can expect from Raisin:

Our complaints management team is responsible for accurately recording, processing and responding to all complaints. 

Upon receiving your complaint, we will confirm by sending you an acknowledgement of receipt. 

Our team gathers all relevant information, analyses it, and collaborates with the appropriate departments to determine necessary or appropriate actions in your best interest.

Depending on the scope and complexity of the issue, you will receive a final written response from us within 15 business days of receiving your complaint. If more time is required, we will notify you and provide a response within a maximum of 35 business days.

What can you do if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint?

If you are not satisfied with our final response to your complaint, you are free to contact an independent third party. The following options are available to you:

The Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman (FSPO):

3rd Floor, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin, D02 VH29


Tel: +353 1 567 7000


Please note: The FSPO will ask you to raise your complaint with us first, before you go to them, and will ask to see a copy of our final response letter to you.

The European Commission:
The European Commission has also set up an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform at The ODR platform allows consumers in the EU to resolve disputes relating to online purchases of goods and services without going to court.