Raisin Bank: 40 years of experience and innovation

Reiner Guthier

Member of the board of directors

Uwe Lüders

Member of the board of directors

Dr. Andreas Wolf

Chief Commercial Officer

Raisin Bank: the reliable partner for business services

Together with its partners, Raisin Bank develops the next generation of financial services.

What we do

With our Banking-as-a-Service model, we enable our partners to implement business models that require a banking license. We develop tailor-made products for our clients and help solving regulatory, supervisory, legal and compliance topics.

Banking meets Technology

As a modern credit institution with a full banking license, we support our partners in a variety of financial solutions. In addition to classic transaction banking with account management and payments, we also offer a wide range of solutions for lending, leasing and servicing.

With the best, for the best

No company is alike, neither are we like any other bank. With decades of experience and the best providers on the market, we offer you outstanding service. WeltSparen, Bergfürst, Creditshelf – the success of our partners speaks for itself.

Banking-as-a-Service: flexible, expert and modern services

Raisin Bank focuses on a variety of services. Together with its partners, Raisin Bank makes new ideas a success.


Raisin Bank is a German full-service bank with a passport in 25 EU countries. This allows the bank to provide loans in Germany and the rest of the EU. Together with its partners, the bank develops flexible credit solutions for consumers and SMEs.

Loan Fronting

With its fronting solution, the bank supports its partners throughout the credit process, depending on the business model, whether highly personal or fully digital, in Germany or the rest of the EU.

Credit management

The management of the loan portfolios is one of the core activities of Raisin Bank. Since 2005, its experts have managed more than € 20 billion in claims.


Business partners who want to offer their customers leasing opportunities to increase their sales, receive all forms of leasing from one source at Raisin Bank, whether operational or financial leasing, full or partial depreciation.

Payment Services

Raisin Bank is a competent partner for account management services for domestic and international payment transactions. The bank has access to all payment systems and member banks in the Eurozone through accounts with the German Bundesbank and the European Central Bank.

White-Label Banking

Special white-label solutions for different types of business models. Among others, the services provided to Raisin as a servicing bank are among the white-label services of Raisin Bank.