Refer a friend bonus

Recommend Raisin Bank to a friend and receive €50 bonus!

How to refer a friend


You invite your friends

Share the link you find in your online banking with your friends and family


They open an account

The person you refer must register for a Raisin Account using that link and open their first savings account


You both receive €50

You and your friend will receive a bonus of €50 deposited into your Raisin Account*


Who can get involved?

All registered Raisin Bank customers can refer new customers. A new customer is someone who has not yet registered at the time you refer them. New customers must successfully complete registration, go through the identification process, and open a savings account through Raisin Bank.

What are the conditions of this bonus?

In order to qualify for the referral bonus, the referred person must open a savings account with at least €5,000. The account must have a minimum term of 6 months or in the case of Demand Deposits, they must keep this account active and funded for at least 6 months

When will we receive the bonus?

The bonus will be automatically credited to the Raisin Account of both clients within 14 days once all of the conditions have been met.

How many people I can refer?

You can invite as many people as you want. However, you will only receive the €50 bonus for the first 10 referrals. Afterwards, only the people you refer will receive the €50 bonus.


A toast to friendship!

Start recommending today and you and your friends will get €50.

* Terms & Conditions: To qualify for this bonus, the person you refer must open a savings account through Raisin Bank with a minimum balance of €5,000. They must keep this savings account active and funded for at least 6 months. The bonus is automatically credited to your Raisin Account within 14 days of meeting the conditions. If the person you refer has opened a demand deposit account, the bonus will be credited within 14 days after 6 months from the opening confirmation. You can refer up to 10 friends, receiving up to €500. The Refer a Friend program cannot be used for commercial purposes. Please note, the conditions may vary for platforms in currencies other than Euro.