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Raisin is the best Fintech in continental Europe

By removing barriers to investing, Raisin has achieved 4th place among the best fintech companies from all over Europe and 1st place on the continent. More than 2,000 companies from the industry were available for selection. 

Already for the fourth time in a row Raisin succeeds in jumping into the Top 50 of the best Fintechs in Europe. The ranking, which has been compiled by the organiser FinTechCity from London since 2012, contains the crème de la crème of over 2,000 companies modernising financial services of all kinds.

The Top-5 Fintechs in Europe 2019

The jury consists of over 50 experts, many of them CEOs and specialists from the fields of banking, venture capital and innovation. Raisin took first place in Continental Europe and fourth place in the overall ranking:

    1. Onfido (London)
    2. Monzo (London)
    3. Revolut (London)
    4. Raisin (Berlin)
    5. Tink (Stockholm)

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The Top-5 Fintechs 2019 in a short profile

5th place: The Scandinavian Fintech Tink has its headquarters in Stockholm. With the app of the same name, over 500,000 Swedes can manage credit cards and bank accounts, pay bills and call up other services. The company helps traditional banks to develop their own apps.


4th place: Raisin customers have already earned interest income of over EUR 100 million. Through our online portals (considering all markets covered), more than 200,000 customers have invested over  EUR 15 billion in savings deposits.

3rd place: The London-based Fintech Revolut was founded in 2014, just in time for the hype about crypto currencies like Bitcoin. With last year’s winner Revolut, customers can not only exchange crypto currencies and country currencies free of charge, but also make peer-to-peer payments and pay by credit card.

2nd place: New in the Top 5 is the London Fintech Monzo. With its app, Monzo has created a mobile bank for more than 55,000 new customers per week, where users receive a giro account with debit card. They can also save numerous prepaid cards from other providers in the app and pay more easily with them. A private accounting service is also attractive, so all purchases – whether coffee or bus trips – can be easily allocated to individual budgets, which makes financial planning much easier with automatic cost control and spending limits.

1st place: There is a new winner! Last year’s runner-up Onfido takes the lead in 2019. Fintech, based in London, helps companies identify and legitimise customers. This is done with the help of a photo document, a selfies and artificial intelligence.

Here is an overview of all 50 Fintechs in 4 minutes:

Those were the top 5 Fintechs in 2018

In 2018, the first list with the Top 5 from “the 50 hottest Fintechs in Europe” was yielded , as the financial magazine Citywire headlines, where Raisin was voted into third place. 

  1. Revolut (London)
  2. Onfido (London)
  3. Raisin (Berlin)
  4. N26 (Berlin)
  5. Tink (Stockholm)
    (Source: TheFinTech50)

N26 from Berlin is considered Europe’s first “mobile bank” to optimize banking services for smartphones. Customers can open a new bank account within a few minutes and transfer money to friends and contacts in real time. In the previous year, N26 held still 4th place, but in 2019 it slipped to 9th place in the ranking. Raisin’s deposit offers are also available to N26 customers.

London and Berlin: Europe’s fintech hotspots

In 2018, more than half of Fintech50 came from London (in total 27 companies). However, the capital of England and of the United Kingdom is increasingly facing competition from Berlin. In addition to Raisin, Berlin’s Fintechs N26 (banking), Insurtech Coya (insurance) and Spotcap (financing) also made it into the list of Fintech50 last year. Together with Frankfurt’s Insurtech Clark, five companies from Germany were in the European ranking.