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Saving money in times of crisis: what’s the best option for Irish savers?

Almost all areas of life are being affected by the spread of the Covid-19 virus. In troubled times, however, fixing your interest rates now might be a life-line for your savings later on.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned global markets upside down. At least 88 central banks around the world have cut interest rates since the outbreak of Covid-19 in an attempt to contain the economic damage. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank has defended a negative deposit rate on EU banks since 2014. Given the troubling economic forecasts for this year, this position is unlikely to change any time soon.

For Irish savers that already suffer some of the lowest rates on savings in the Euro zone, the current market uncertainty makes saving money particularly challenging.

By securing a fixed rate from a European bank with a higher return than local institutions, Irish savers can increase their savings while benefiting from the same level of security. Click on the image above to start saving right now with rates up to 1.36 per cent per year.

Fixed rates and guaranteed interest

Deposit Guarantee-protected fixed term savings accounts are one of the most secure ways to save money in uncertain times. Savers know how much they’ll earn and how long it will take them to earn that interest, meaning that they don’t have to worry about fluctuating stock prices or pandemics.

With the average rate in Ireland for term deposits up to one year currently at a paltry 0.02 per cent (as indicated in the latest available ECB data), Irish savers have historically been at a disadvantage when it comes to selecting a savings account with a decent rate of return. This is not necessarily the case in other European countries, however. Average rates in the rest of Europe are many times higher than the Irish equivalents.

Raisin Bank enables customers to open savings accounts in countries across Europe where rates are higher, such as France, Portugal and Italy. On Raisin Bank’s deposits marketplace, savers can compare 39 savings accounts from 7 European banks. By offering rates up to 1.14% per cent per year, with Raisin Bank you can multiply your current interest and avoid your savings losing value over time. All it takes is one registration.

Start saving now

While fixed term deposits are undoubtedly one of the best options for savers in times of uncertainty, it is important to put some thought into selecting the correct savings product.

Which type of savings account offers the best interest rates?

Banks generally offer higher interest rates for fixed term savings accounts. The key here is certainty. They know they will have the deposit for the agreed duration, which can be anywhere between three months and 10 years. Likewise, the saver knows exactly how much they will receive at the end of the term. With Raisin Bank, the top interest rate is currently 1.14% per cent per year – a great deal higher than the 0.02 per cent Irish average.

What exactly is a fixed term savings account?

This is where customers save a lump sum, and are guaranteed a fixed interest rate for a fixed amount of time (term). They are sometimes also referred to as fixed rate bonds, deposit accounts, or simply bonds. Savers don’t have access to their money during the agreed period.

To find the account that suits them, savers should weigh up the interest rate and term. Some accounts also have a minimum or maximum deposit amount. With Raisin Bank, savers can open as many fixed term accounts with different banks as they like, and can check them all in one place in their account overview.

Protected by the European deposit guarantee scheme

Saving abroad can sometimes generate a degree of nervousness, especially for first-timers. But there’s good news – saving in Europe has never been easier thanks to the European deposit insurance scheme (EDIS). It covers up to €100,000 per person and per bank, anywhere in Europe. This is thanks to EU Directive 1994/19/EC and 2009/14/EC. And the best part? This amount includes any interest earned on the deposit up to €100,000 per client and bank. As a European savings marketplace, Raisin Bank enables Irish savers access to higher rates across Europe, with everything online and in English.

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