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1 year | EUR

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Interest rate Term Currency
1.80 % AER
6 months EUR
3.60 % AER
1 year EUR
3.60 % AER
2 years EUR
3.60 % AER
3 years EUR

About Banco Português de Gestão

Banco Português de Gestão is a small Portuguese private corporate and investment bank that was founded in 2000. The bank has its main office in Lisbon and has another branch located in Porto. Banco Português de Gestão is majority-owned by the private Foundation Fundação Oriente.

Banco Português de Gestão’s client base includes small and medium-sized businesses as well as wealthy individuals and government institutions, and the bank offers its clients services in the areas of investment banking, corporate banking, retail banking, finance and wealth management. In addition, Banco Português de Gestão provides tailor-made solutions for the special requirements of the social welfare institutions belonging to the customer base.

Offer details

Effective rate
3.60 % AER
Nominal rate
3.60 % AER
1 year
At maturity
Interest payout
At maturity
Interest taxation
At maturity
Min/Max investment amount
20,000 – 100,000  EUR
An automatic renewal, including reinvestment of interest, is initiated if you do not deactivate the automatic renewal up to 5 days before the end of the term.
Withholding tax

Security and deposit guarantee

Portugal is located in the west of the Iberian Peninsula and is one of the most visited countries in the world. The southern European country has been a member of the EU since 1986, a founding member of NATO and since 2002 the euro has been legal tender in Portugal. In addition to tourism, the service sector is the strongest source of income. Portugal trades primarily with its EU partners.

Deposits up to an amount of EUR 100,000, including interest income, are 100% guaranteed per customer per bank by the Portuguese Deposit Protection Fund. Of course, this protection also applies to investors from Ireland.

Across Europe, the minimum requirements for the statutory deposit guarantee scheme have been developed for years (EC Directives 1994/19 / EC, 2009/14 / EC and 2014/49 / EU) in order to improve the protection of investors in the European Union: Since July 2015 the gradual implementation will take place in all EU member states.

Tax process and documents

Since the investment income tax and solidarity surcharge (plus church tax, if applicable) are due on the interest income from private investors in Ireland, all income - including that from abroad - must be stated in the private tax return.
In Portugal, a withholding tax of 28% is withheld, which will be reduced to 15% if the tax form "21-RFI" is submitted in time and is fully deductible in the context of a tax return if it is not refundable abroad. This may have been issued by your tax office a maximum of 12 months before the interest payment (due date).
If you have more than one term deposit with the bank, you have to submit the documents several times - separately for each term deposit investment you have made.

An opening account application must be submitted in the original by mail as well as a copy of your proof of the profession. For details see the product information sheet.